Extend Facility Lifecycle

Extend Facility Lifecycle

You’ve invested millions in your warehouse or distribution center and it’s all working according to plan. Now what?

If you’re one of the 37%* of companies who have invested in scheduled and preventative maintenance, then you’ve extended the life of that facility and its automation by years.

Haven’t invested in keeping your facility running as optimally as possible?

Then Meet the S&H Systems Support Team.

With an experienced team of highly trained and certified technicians – we  deliver proactive maintenance programs that keep your operation running smoothly.

And, as a Systems Integrator, we’ve worked with every major equipment company in the industry, so you can be confident our specialists will keep you operational.

Our clients benefit from:

  1. Increased Transparency: Know where the failure points are before they happen.
  2. Improved Safety: Even the most user-friendly machinery can pose a safety hazard.
  3. Optimized Workflow: Reduce the likelihood of business interruption, especially during high volume cycles.
  4. Increased Equipment Longevity: Early detection saves everyone time and money.
  5. Environmental impact: Manage energy consumption
  6. Extended Asset Lifecycle: Boost operational uptime and equipment life.
  7. Improved Workplace Culture: Keep workers engaged, active and safe with decreased downtime.

Our tried-and-true problem-solving programs have kept some the largest U.S. eCommerce and warehouse companies running with minimal to no downtime.

Here is what one client said:

Once the S&H team arrived, we were instantly impressed with their organization, drive, and most of all Safety. Witnessing the first night of work put my mind at ease and I knew we were in good hands. Seeing the work ethic and the plan that S&H had laid out was phenomenal. There was not any one technician on the team that I wouldn’t have back to perform work for me.

Learn about our methods for preventative maintenance and early detection that prevents major breakdowns, saving you money on emergency repairs and extending the lifecycle of your automation.

Call Zack Pate at S&H Systems. 870-933-7346


*U.S. Bureau of Labor