Leveraging Systems Integrators’ Best-of-Class Solutions


The automation landscape for today’s warehouse, manufacturing and fulfillment operations is expanding.  Many new and exciting options – Shuttles, Robotics, AMR’s and AGV’s as well as advances in ASRS, Conveyors and Sorters­­ ­– offer a multitude of custom configurations. But that also means your Solutions Partner should know how this new technology works together – and how to add options for growth. In addition, your partner should have broad experience, avoiding a tunnel vision approach that constrains your choices.

Why is a Systems Integrator a better partner for this new landscape?

  1. Systems Integrators bring best-of-class options to the table – offering the best product and value for your needs. At S&H Systems, we’re focused on a sourcing strategy that uses multiple partnerships to deliver not only the best value but one that fits your schedule. Our suppliers are true partners, committed to your project goals as much as we are.
  2. Multiple product and software partnerships help us to keep your options fresh and relevant – avoiding “just what we make” solutions. We keep on top of the benefits, and constraints, of all material handling technology. We’re trained on the solutions we offer, helping you to understand best fit, form and function.
  3. As a team, we include Procurement at the beginning of our conversation, making the most of every budget. Supply chain issues are considered and choices offered, keeping your project costs and delivery on schedule.
  4. Our teams collaborate in a more nimble and multi-functional process, creating a high-performance organization that means better communication and a more successful project.
  5. We also bring our risk management tools to the table; looking at below-the-line costs, including your employee training, warranties, delivery costs and energy consumption as we help our clients develop a value-driven project.
  6. As a trusted advisor we keep safety at the forefront, for your employees and ours. That’s why S&H Systems has a safety program that’s imbedded in every step of our process, overseeing all operations, including equipment design risk analysis, pre-kitting, a dedicated on-site safety manager and safety-empowered install teams.
  7. Change is constant; our experience and expertise with a wide range of solutions helps you keep the future in mind, offering options and programs that keep your operation competitive while staying true to your ROI goals.

With S&H Systems, you get best-in-class broad spectrum technology options, and the expertise you need – from our leadership team through to our installation teams – and a culture of “client first”.  It’s why our clients return, year after year.

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